A L A N   R   D A V I S O N

A super fundraiser project for Mental Health UK

I've re-recorded a song called SUPERHERO to help raise money for Mental Health UK.


News of the Covid19 vaccination arrival has lifted everyone's spirits following nine months of loss, fear and uncertainty but the pandemic has left a lot more in its wake.

The affect on our mental health during these unimaginable times – whether suffering the loss of a loved one, facing a financial burden or suffering from separation from family and friends – is everywhere to be seen. 

For some of us we are suffering more than we think and for others every day is a new and more difficult challenge.

So please watch the video and make a donation – whatever you can manage will be hugely appreciated. Thanks!

The track is available to download on multiple online stores including Amazon, iTunes and BandCamp. Please download rather than stream the track so we have more proceeds for Mental Health UK!

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T H E   P L A N   A   E P

Following the release of debut album The White Eagle Lounge in 2012 comes PLAN A – a 3 track EP.
But where there's a Plan A, there's always a Plan B. The release of Plan A marks the first of a pair of EPs with Plan A delivering three tracks on the theme of my home town of Belfast.
Plan B lands some time in 2020 and will be all about Edinburgh – my adopted second home.


Hear some track snippets and buy the EP at the links below.


Meet the Plan A family...
Mo Storey
Little Rooms
Synth, Mix, Production
Rick McMurray
Nathan Connolly
Snow Patrol
Little Matador
Mike Baillie
The Lonely Together
Alan R Davison
Guitars, bass, piano
vocals, artwork


Also available:

'The White Eagle Lounge'



Alan R Davison ©2021